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Picture of Henry Kissinger. Henry A. Kissinger, U.S. Secretary of State, September 22, 1973 to January 20, 1977
Date: 1 April 2008, 10:18

Five quotes by Henry Kissinger

Henry Alfred Kissinger (born Heinz Alfred Kissinger, May 27, 1923 – November 29, 2023) was an American diplomat, political scientist, geopolitical consultant, and politician who served as United States secretary of state and national security advisor under the presidential administrations of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Kissinger was a Jewish refugee who fled Nazi Germany with his family in 1938. In the United States, he excelled academically and graduated summa cum laude from Harvard College in 1950, where he studied under William Yandell Elliott. He earned his Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy at Harvard University in 1951 and 1954, respectively.
 Intellectuals are cynical and cynics have never built a cathedral. 
 Ninety percent of the politicians give the other ten percent a bad name. 
 No one will ever win the battle of the sexes; there's too much fraternizing with the enemy. 
 Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. 
 The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a bit longer. 

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