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Picture of Baron d'Holbach.

Three quotes by Baron d'Holbach

Paul-Henri Thiry, Baron d'Holbach (1723-1789), was a French-German author, philosopher, encyclopedist and a prominent figure in the French Enlightenment. He was born Paul Heinrich Dietrich in Edesheim, near Landau in the Rhenish Palatinate, but lived and worked mainly in Paris, where he kept a salon.
 All children are Atheists; they have no idea of a god. 
 If the ignorance of nature gave birth to such a variety of gods, the knowledge of this nature is calculated to destroy them. 
 Suns are extinguished or become corrupted, planets perish and scatter across the wastes of the sky; other suns are kindled, new planets formed to make their revolutions or describe new orbits, and man, an infinitely minute part of a globe which itself is only an imperceptible point in the immense whole, believes that the universe is made for himself. 

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